Fire Alarm Systems by Agni

Agni, a prominent name in the fire safety industry, offers a comprehensive range of fire alarm systems designed to ensure the safety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Their systems are known for reliability, advanced technology, and ease of integration with other safety solutions.

  1. Control Panels

    • Definition: The control panel is the central hub of a fire alarm system, receiving signals from various detectors and triggering alarms.
    • Features:
      • LCD Display: Provides real-time status updates and easy navigation.
      • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies system configuration and monitoring.
      • Expandable Zones: Supports multiple zones for comprehensive coverage.
      • Remote Monitoring: Capable of integrating with remote monitoring systems for real-time alerts.

2.Fire Detectors

    • Types:
      • Smoke Detectors: Detect smoke particles from fires.
      • Heat Detectors: Respond to sudden increases in temperature.
      • Multi-Sensor Detectors: Combine smoke and heat detection for enhanced accuracy.
    • Features:
      • Photoelectric and Ionization Sensors: Ensure rapid and accurate smoke detection.
      • Thermistor-Based Heat Sensors: Provide reliable heat detection.
      • Self-Diagnostic Capability: Continuous self-checks to ensure operational integrity.

3.Manual Call Points (MCPs)

    • Definition: Devices that allow individuals to manually trigger the fire alarm.
    • Features:
      • Break Glass and Resettable Models: Different types to suit various installation environments.
      • LED Indicators: Show the activation status.
      • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and secure mounting.

4.Sounders and Strobes

    • Definition: Devices that emit audible and visual alerts during a fire alarm.
    • Features:
      • High-Decibel Sounders: Ensure the alarm is heard throughout the premises.
      • Bright Strobe Lights: Provide visual alerts, essential in noisy environments.
      • Synchronization Capability: Ensures all sounders and strobes activate simultaneously.

5.Fire Alarm Accessories

    • Relay Modules: Interface with other building systems like HVAC and elevators to ensure comprehensive safety.
    • Power Supplies: Ensure consistent power to the fire alarm system, including battery backup.
    • Isolation Modules: Protect the system from faults and enable isolated testing of individual zones.